Best Action Movies on Netflix Right Now (April 2023)

There is nothing like a good action movie on Netflix. The perfectly choreographed fight scenes that let you feel every punch and kick on screen; the shootouts that see bullets and bodies hitting the floor; the sheer rush of adrenaline you get from watching the protagonist triumph over all odds, no matter how bruised and bloodied they get.

For those with Netflix, there is quite a selection of great action movies to pick from. This includes both the streamer’s original films and a collection of hidden gems and action classics. Here is the cream of the butt-kicking crop.

Scott Pilgrim VS The World

Over the years, plenty of comic books have made the jump from the page to the silver screen. And one of the most memorable adaptations is Scott Pilgrim VS. The World. Utilizing a mix of his own unique style and some cutting edge special effects, Edgar Wright managed to bring Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel to life. Sound effects literally leap off the screen, and there are moments that resemble actual comic book pages. Speaking of comic book stars, Scott Pilgrim features a veritable range of actors who’d go on to star in other comic book adaptations – Mary Elizabeth Winstead would later go on to star in Birds of Prey and of course there’s the future Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson. It’s also the rare adaptation that will appeal to newcomers and longtime fans alike.

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