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Of all the legendary killers in horror, several are as terrifying as Leatherface.

Initially seen in Tobe Hooper’s horror masterpiece, The Texas Chain Observed Massacre, he is the former slaughterhouse worker who carries on his trade butchering humans to feed his psychotic loved ones. Leatherface earns his moniker with his trademark mask produced of human pores and skin, a person of plenty of repurposed system components from his quite a few victims.

The true make-up of these faces changes during the blood-soaked franchise, but each and every mask arrives from a exclusive man or woman and has been chosen for a specific reason. With the launch of a new sequel and with it a new mask, probably it’s time to study the lots of faces worn by the mysterious killer all through the years…

Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen) has just one of the most iconic, startling, and genuinely upsetting introductions in the historical past of horror. As highway tripper Kirk (William Vail) wanders into his rural farmhouse, a massive gentleman appears and smashes his head with a sledgehammer prior to dragging him further into the house and slamming a heavy metal doorway. On its facial area this is putting ample, but even additional startling is the simple fact that the big with the sledgehammer is wearing a mask produced from the skin of a human encounter. It is previous and fading with stitching in a circle close to the hairline. Brief brown hair juts out in spurts offering the look of a young man challenging at do the job. With his filthy apron and shirtsleeves, this is the persona Leatherface assumes when slaughtering meat for the family members, his Get the job done Mask. 

Leatherface wears two additional unique faces in the authentic movie. The next is the mask of an aged female complete with grey hair. This Granny Mask is the outfit he wears when planning dinner, a matronly costume to fill the function of the family’s lacking matriarch. He wears the third and last mask to the evening meal desk. With longer dim hair, this 1 has its characteristics exaggerated by makeup and goes with a dark accommodate and tie. 

We under no circumstances discover the identities of the people whose faces generate these personas. Hooper’s ambiguity is a substantial part of why the film nonetheless packs this kind of a meaty punch and Leatherface’s masks reveal much more about the killer himself than the bodies from which they came. Dressing for the part he desires, his costumes aid him navigate social interactions with his deranged family. 

Hooper’s sequel is equally depraved, but arguably more comedic than its predecessor. On initial visual appearance in the film, Leatherface (Bill Johnson) wears a comprehensive overall body mask of types, the corpse of his brother the Hitchhiker who died in the conclusion of the original film. He and other brother Chop-Major (Bill Moseley) tote this entire body close to as a twisted way of honoring their departed sibling. 

Though Leatherface’s masks in the first have been mostly intact faces, this 1 is stitched jointly with seams resembling Frankenstein’s monster. A lot less distinct, it appears designed to include his own experience rather than believe the encounter of another. With its curly hair and expressive eyes, this mask compliments the dim comedy of the film. Leatherface typically looks a lot more like a bumbling and from time to time attractive monster than a killer embodying the pores and skin of another person else. 

Hooper’s sequel is notable not only for being the 1st time we see Leatherface make a mask, but the only time he results in a new deal with for an individual else. Obtaining his crush Stretch (Caroline Williams) hiding in his layer, Leatherface skins the face of her captive coworker L.G. (Lou Perryman) and destinations his confront, and cowboy hat, on to hers. Leatherface then dances with a traumatized Stretch, seeming to appreciate the organization of one more skin-wearer. 

The strange scene usually takes a darker turn when we recognize that L.G. is continue to alive. He awakens to see Stretch donning his very own face and dies attempting to assistance her escape. As a parting reward, she returns his facial pores and skin and hat to his physique. It is a touching minute in a darkly comedic and grossly upsetting movie that reveals the psychological excess weight of utilizing the experience of a further human being as an accessory. 

Jeff Burr’s third franchise installment puts the mask entrance and centre, opening with a deranged stitching session as Leatherface (R.A. Mihailoff) painstakingly makes a new mask. What commences with the swing of a sledgehammer carries on with the grisly details of harvesting and shaping content from an unnamed target. The pores and skin is trimmed and formed, stitched to in shape just ideal. This extended treatment reveals the treatment with which Leatherface makes his masks and is designed all the additional upsetting with the revelation that the victim’s liked one witnesses the vile generation. 

Opening title cards reveal that a jury convicted W.E. Sawyer of the authentic film’s murders, believing “Leatherface” to be an alternate persona activated by the fleshy mask. Like the prior edition, this mask is stitched collectively with a patchwork come to feel. It is not the deal with of an additional person, but an amalgam of characteristics generating a exclusive glance. Much larger eye holes allow the audience to see a lot more of Leatherface’s individual expressions and lend the previously terrifying killer even a lot more of a menacing aura. It is fitting characterization in a movie wherever the mask would seem to develop into an entity in and of alone. No extended the experience of yet another, it is a new identity for a brutal killer. 

Horror Queers Texas Chainsaw Massacre

To stand out in a franchise as bizarre as this one particular is pretty a feat. But Kim Henkel’s sequel manages to do just that. Aspect parody of Hooper’s original, part 90s black comedy, element McConaughey Insanity, The Up coming Generation duplicates the construction of the initially film’s masks. Leatherface (Robert Jacks) is introduced in what has turn into the typical, stitched jointly mask, the work-a-day variation he wears to the slaughter. But we see him eyeing promenade-goer Heather’s (Lisa Marie Newmyer) hair on the porch, perhaps scouting for his upcoming appear. 

His second mask is a immediate parody of the Granny Mask of the very first film. Additional Doubtfire than Leather-based, this one particular will come total with costume earrings, outsized pearls and a curly gray wig  comically perched on prime of his personal shaggy brown hair. Ironically, this may possibly be the mask that looks the most like a human confront, with wrinkled pores and skin related to the almost dead Grampa. 

The parody escalates with Leatherface’s dinner seem: an evening robe, glamorous wig, and harvested décolletage to accompany the feminine deal with. As he prepares for supper, he applies purple lipstick to the mask, a mirror of the film’s Final Female Jenny (Renée Zellweger) as she prepares for prom. This also marks the 1st time in the franchise that Leatherface has overt plans to develop a mask from an additional character. Maniacal brother Vilmer (Matthew McConaughey) notes his adoration of Jenny’s encounter declaring, “My brother here is worn out of what’s-her-name’s facial area, and he wishes a new one. It just so happens to be, he needs this face suitable right here!”

Whilst none of the sequels ever pretty measure up to the perfection of the unique movie, Marcus Nispel’s remake arguably will come closest to capturing the chaotic depravity of Hooper’s nightmare. The gritty movie combines the legendary story’s unique substances and provides in a heaping dose of meanness and significant splatters of blood. Nispel introduces Leatherface (Andrew Bryniarski) in what is come to come to feel like his Workman’s Mask, nondescript with useful stitching operating along the cheekbone and hairline. But the monstrous butcher soon has tempting new products. 

Right after killing Kemper (Eric Balfour), he cuts off his deal with and employs it to vogue a mask. Even though outlined in the fourth film, this marks the to start with time Leatherface has created a mask from the body of a different character in the movie. The reveal of the Kemper Mask is an emotional intestine-punch. On observing it, his girlfriend Erin (Jessica Biel) learns in an immediate that not only is her boyfriend useless, but his system has been mutilated and she’s probably to be upcoming.

We know that Leatherface can pay for to be picky with his masks. A head lying in his workspace tells us that he does not have on the skin of all of his victims. So what is it about Kemper, aside from Balfour’s handsome options? In this installment, we’re told that Leatherface hides his confront due to the fact of a pores and skin ailment that garnered ruthless mockery when he was a child. Probably he’s drawn to Kemper’s alpha-male charisma. The mask exists both to cover the confront he’s ashamed of and to give him the visual appearance he probably longed for rising up. He does make positive to change back again into his outdated mask to hunt Erin by the slaughterhouse, while. It’s as if he’s happy of his cherished new creation and does not want it broken in what may flip out to be a bloody struggle. Or probably he just wishes to save his new facial area for a special event.

The direct prequel to the 2003 remake doubles down on just about every single factor of the Platinum Dunes generation. It is gritty, bloody, imply, and gross with one more handsome direct actor destined to come to be a mask for the chainsaw toting giant. Jonathan Liebesman’s movie also gives additional of a glimpse into the brain of the monster and offers responses as to why Leatherface (Bryniarski) could possibly want to make a mask out of anyone else’s encounter. 

From the minute of his delivery on the slaughterhouse floor, Leatherface is viewed as ugly. The film’s opening sequence tells us that his disfigurement prompted not only cruel teasing but self-loathing and self-mutilation. He normally takes to wrapping his experience in bandages and a mask created of animal skin that addresses its decreased fifty percent. But when Eric (Matt Bomer) and his social gathering are dragged to the Sawyer property, he seizes the option to reinvent himself. 

Owning strapped Eric to a table in his workshop, Leatherface scopes out the new content. He feels Eric’s facial area then his personal, comparing their dimensions and functions. Times following killing Eric he strips the skin and hair from his head and produces a mask. Still dripping with blood from its previous overall body, Leatherface applies the new skin to his personal confront. It’s his to start with human mask. Uncle Charlie (R. Lee Ermey) compliments his visual appeal, instantly reinforcing this grisly alternative and furnishing the validation he’s used his lifestyle longing for. After killing Eric’s girlfriend Chrissie (Jordana Brewster), he feels her encounter way too. We can pretty much listen to the wheels turning as he plots his upcoming search. He’s uncovered a new ability and is anxious to use it yet again.

John Luessenhop’s 2013 sequel is a little bit of a departure from the first timeline and by significantly the most sympathetic to Leatherface (Dan Yeager) and the Sawyers. Fairly than a murderous madman, he’s a misunderstood teenager, basically trying to guard his family members. Decades just after the functions of the initially movie, extended missing Sawyer daughter Heather (Alexandra Daddario) inherits the relatives dwelling. Dwelling in the wine cellar, Leatherface will come as portion of the offer. This variation of his mask is similar to the Workman’s Mask, stitched with each other to address his encounter somewhat than to build a distinctive glance. It is strictly functional, a fitting mask for a film that will take pains to lend sympathy to a killer sporting harvested pores and skin. 

But Leatherface does make a new mask in this installment. Soon after killing the cruel Officer Marvin (James MacDonald), he peels the man’s face off in his workshop. Slight actions of Marvin’s foot indicate that he is nonetheless alive in the course of the defacing, a cruel fate for the person who helped to murder his spouse and children. Nevertheless it’s unclear if Leatherface ever wears this mask, he does scratch out Marvin’s deal with in a picture on his wall, a part of his revenge now complete. This installment is also notable as we see Leatherface sew the mask onto his have pores and skin. Stitching his cheek to the mask, he attempts to actually embody the foreign pores and skin fairly than simply use it right up until the upcoming mask will come along. 

The 2017 prequel from directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury proceeds the development of humanizing the chainsaw toting killer. Not only a protagonist, in this installment a younger Leatherface (Sam Strike) is ostensibly the hero of the movie until eventually he is reunited with his murderous family. In early scenes a younger Jed wears a mask of a distinct form, a significant cow’s head. Dressing as roadkill, he wears an animal’s encounter to pull over passing motorists and lure them into his family’s get rid of zone. This little bit of hesitant mischief results in elimination from his family’s home and dedication to a detention heart for juvenile offenders. Jed’s jaw is mangled by a bullet for the duration of a protracted escape try, giving a new origin story for his facial disfigurement. 

Leatherface also makes a new record of the legendary killer’s initial pores and skin mask. Though escaping the residence, he and properly-meaning nurse Lizzy (Vanessa Grasse) are held captive by psychotic resident Ike. The two hostages kind a bond and she tries to wrestle him away from murderous spouse and children. Jed in the end chooses his relatives about a daily life with Lizzy and decapitates her with his chainsaw in the film’s climax. The closing scene exhibits Jed making his initial mask from the skin of her deal with. 

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David Blue Garcia’s new sequel provides yet a different alternate timeline in the Sawyer cinematic universe. This variation of Leatherface (Mark Burnham) has been hiding in an orphanage in the town of Harlow at any time because the situations of the to start with movie. He’s come to be near to the aged headmistress Mrs. MC (Alice Krige) and sights her as a surrogate mom. Now an adult, he is the very last of her boys and the two live jointly in a town that is falling aside. 

When gentrifiers wrongfully evict her from the property, Leatherface is evicted as effectively. In shock, Mrs. MC suffers a heart attack and dies in the arms of her adopted son. Soon after brutally killing everybody in sight, Leatherface lovingly cuts off Mrs. MC’s facial area and wears it as his own. It is a strange act of devotion done by artfully posing her body in a field. This time the mask appears to be a type of tribute, a way to keep linked to a female who has meant so a lot to him.  

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is a bit of a mess with conflicting timelines, numerous Sawyer brothers, prize-successful barbeque, and even an abandoned amusement park. But aside from the titular noticed, TCM’s a person constant is its signature villain’s routine of masking his very own face with the skin of many others. Elevated in a wicked family, it’s possible this is Leatherface’s surreal way of attaining his personal humanity. The saw may be family members, but the pores and skin feels like home.

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