What the Stargirl TV Series Got Right

Barbara Merkley

The DC comic cook character Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl has been around since the late 1990s. Now, she is appearing in a live-action television show on the CW. This show first came out in 2020. While the show has taken some liberties from the comics, most of the show stays true to its roots. Below are some of the most impressive things the television show got right.

Comic-to-Screen Dialogue

One of the comic book creators, Geoff Johns, also had a hand in working on the television series. So, it’s no wonder that some of the dialogue for the show is taken directly from the comics! Along with this, some of the scenes seem like direct comic panel-to-film cuts. Being a long-form television series, the show has more time to stay true to the source material, unlike some superhero movies.

Accurate Costumes

The comic book artists who worked on Stargirl, including Lee Modor, would be proud to see that the costumes in the television show look almost exactly like they do in the comics. Some minor costume adjustments had to be made in order to make them comfortable for the actors to wear, but these are barely noticeable. Many of the “regular” outfits in the show are similar to what Courtney Whitmore would have worn in the comics. 

Correct Time Period

Unlike John’s newest comic, Geiger, the Stargirl comics have a set time period. The comics were first written in the late 1990s to early 2000s, and the show is set at the same time. However, Johns has mentioned in interviews that the show has a 1980’s vibe to it. There are also some flashback scenes in the show that takes place in the 1950s. This is also accurate to the storytelling in the comics.

The clothing helps to reflect the retro time period more than anything else– except maybe the outdated technology. This is a great creative choice by the show’s creators, as Stargirl could have easily been set in the modern-day without changing much about the show. This consistency goes to show that the television series writers are trying their best to keep the show as close to the comics as possible. 

As of 2021, Stargirl is in its second season. Fans and critics alike are loving what they are seeing. Anyone who enjoyed the Stargirl comics is sure to love the show. The show is available to watch on both the CW and DC streaming services, as well as on cable on the CW.

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