Why I Switched Careers from Psychologist to Biblical Counselor

I have worked in the area of psychology for in excess of a 10 years now. I’ve performed private observe and taught in a graduate psychology plan. I liked my function, my consumers, my learners, and my colleagues. I was respected in my group as a professor and psychologist. But I remaining my task in psychology to start and guide a biblical counseling ministry at a church across the country. Why?

When I speak to people today about biblical counseling, it brings up assorted ideas and feelings. Some men and women are unfamiliar with it. But to some others, biblical counseling connotes misquoted Bible verses, uncompassionate phone calls for repentance, and an overly reductionist look at of mental wellness struggles. They’ve professional (or know people who’ve seasoned) counseling from nicely-that means pastors and ministry leaders that manufactured them experience totally misunderstood, with their struggling and suffering decreased only to a trial that have to be embraced with joy. My heart grieves when I hear people tales.

And nevertheless, listed here I am—a psychologist turned biblical counselor. I applied to be anyone who assumed biblical counselors did not know what they were speaking about. When my pastor talked about the benefit of biblical counseling, I’d condescend—It’s sweet that you believe you can have an understanding of psychological health and fitness struggles with the Bible. I didn’t decide harshly, I just imagined biblical counseling was ignorant.

But 10 many years afterwards, I think I was the ignorant a single.

What I Skipped

In my education as a psychologist, I somehow missed secular psychology’s deep roots in philosophy. There is a excellent offer of research in psychology that is helpful for us to have an understanding of. But considerably of modern psychology is started upon theoretical work—interpretations of data—and people theories and interpretations are crafted on naturalistic and humanistic premises. They’re constructs and models for assisting people today, developed on a globe the place God doesn’t exist, individuals (self and other individuals) are our very best hope, and personalized joy is the highest good.

Extra than 8 several years into my profession I commenced to see tensions among what I considered as a psychologist and what I believed as a Christian. Are self-path and self-fulfillment really the aims I ought to assist persons toward? Is the pursuit of “feeling better” about self and everyday living actually what God phone calls us to? For a long time I wrestled with these inquiries (and lots of a lot more). It is real that supporting minimize yet another person’s distress is a good issue. I thought it then, and I however think it. But is it the major detail?

Extra than a lot of fields, psychology is answering the identical thoughts as faith: Who are we? What’s incorrect with us? What will assist us? How do we get there?

Disentangling humanistic and naturalistic philosophies from the observe of psychology was substantially far more tough than I imagined. Secular psychology presents by itself as neutral. It doesn’t presume there should really be any conflict with faith or Christianity. But the analyze of the soul is not philosophically neutral. Additional than lots of fields, psychology is answering the similar questions as faith: Who are we? What’s mistaken with us? What will enable us? How do we get there?

Once I noticed that, I couldn’t unsee it. And my faith finally modified the way I required to exercise.

What Is Biblical Counseling?

It’s true that biblical counseling can mean various points to different people today. What I suggest by the term is counseling that is rooted in a biblical worldview. It relies on Scripture as our foundational and key source of counseling knowledge. The biblical narrative tells us who we are, why we’re here, how we exist in connection to God, and how to realize the numerous hardships we knowledge in this lifetime. It places our struggles and agony in the context of biblical truth of the matter and hope.

Then from a robust theology of suffering, biblical counseling assists us understand God’s purposes for us in pain—including the fears, despair, trauma, and other complications that generally involve assistance from a nicely-trained counselor. Probably most importantly, biblical counseling helps us join the implications of the gospel to the specifics of our life. That is what we all require most—to see how the gospel applies to us, offers hope, and transforms us to glance additional like Christ when life is tricky.

Correct biblical counseling also acknowledges human complexity. The Bible doesn’t dismiss the social, physiological, and religious influences in our lives. Our encounters affect us. Our bodies affect our emotions and thoughts—and vice versa. Rightly comprehension the graphic of God indicates we’re not concerned of the superbly advanced way God has made us. And still, biblical counseling acknowledges there’s a non secular element to each and every section of our lives. There is a diploma to which our struggles generally confront us with a preference: Will we go after the Lord amid our suffering or trials? Or will we appear for support with no reference to God?

Great but Minimal

It’s achievable to go to a secular therapist and grow spiritually. And there are programs of present day psychology that are less worldview laden—like psychoeducational evaluation for learning disabilities and developmental disabilities. My intention is not for persons to think almost everything from the subject of psychology is in conflict with the Christian worldview.

My objective is not for men and women to assume all the things from the subject of psychology is in conflict with the Christian worldview.

Having said that, in suffering, most of us have to have assist contemplating by our agony in partnership to God. On one hand, it’s handy to study how to minimize distress in what ever variety that assist may possibly arrive (assuming it is not contradictory to Scripture). On the other hand, struggling previously drives us to pursue aid, tempts us towards self-reliance, and compels us to search inward. What we need—more than relief, more than self, more than insight—is to know who God is in the specifics of our struggling and to function out the implications of the grace and hope we have in Christ.

That’s why I have the most effective task in the planet as a biblical counselor. My function as a psychologist was good but minimal. Restricted to this existence and what we can attain from ourselves or the persons about us. Counseling rooted in the gospel features us wide sources of hope, as we find out to depend on Christ our Redeemer and seem towards our legitimate property, even now to come.

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