Where to Find Banksy Art

Barbara Merkley

Banksy is one of the most known artists in the contemporary world. He connected the high art world with the street art style, and gathered admirers all over the world. The secrecy of his works of art and his anonymousness make him extremely interesting. If you want to see some of his works, this list is created for you! You’ll discover places where you can admire Banksy’s work.

Banksy’s murals

You can find many Banksy murals in various places in the world. If you are interested in seeing many works of this artist, one of the best choices will be traveling to England. London and Bristol are the cities that feature the highest number of art executed by this artist. There are some suspicions that Bristol might even be the artist’s hometown. There, you can find the famous “The Mild Mild West” and “Man Hanging From Window”. You can try to find the spots yourself or take part in one of the organized tours. You might also want to check with the Bristol tourism agency for tips on finding these works. In London, you can find bigger and super famous works such as “There’s Always Hope” and “Sweep It Under the Carpet”, as well as smaller graffiti of rats, characteristic for this artist. Another place to find multiple works by Banksy is Paris. One of them is a girl painting over a swastika located in the 18th arrondissement. Other works can be found for example on the Rue Victor Cousin, 41 Avenue de Flandre, Rue Maitre Albert, Rue du Mont Cenis, and others.

Banksy in museums

While Banksy operates mostly on the streets of various cities, his work can also be found in some museums. Moco is the best place to discover Banksy in Barcelona. You can see his works such as “Laugh Now”, “Girl with Balloon”, “Flower Thrower”, “Forgive Us Our Trespassing”, “Bullet Hole Bust”, and more. It’s worth noting that all the works that appear in this exhibition have a certificate of authenticity from Pest Control. The modern art museum in Amsterdam is connected to Moco in Barcelona. The institution also prepared the exhibition of Banksy works. Some of the artist’s works can also be admired in the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. Remember, however, that most of the museum art exhibitions are not authorized by Banksy and are not created in cooperation with the artist himself.

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