Online video or Pictures? You Opt for With the Sandmarc Movement Pro Filter

Barbara Merkley

The Sandmarc Motion Professional Variable filter can be applied for both filming and images. For me, it excels at a person much more than the other, not since of excellent, but for the reason that of ease of use.

If you have not heard of Sandmarc before, they make different styles of filters which includes hybrid and anamorphic for iPhones, drones, and GoPro action cameras. They are easily portable filters in a assortment of formats that develop high-quality images for the material creator or budding filmmaker. They also deliver the Hybrid Pro (a polarizer and ND procedure) and the Motion Pro Variable ND.

The Movement Pro variable filter is a screw-on filter that creates fantastic benefits for both of those your photography and your filmmaking. Accessible in various thread dimensions 58mm, 67mm, 77mm, 82mm and with an extremely-slender profile of just 7.2mm, the filter can make a terrific addition to your package bag, not only for the reason that of the measurement but since of the high-quality of impression you get when using this kind of a functional filter.

Filming on the Go

I tried out the filter for both filmmaking and images, but it truly excelled for me in the filmmaking division, and that’s fairly simply due to the smoothness of the glide through the stops. It operates good for extensive-exposure stills images, so if you want to just use it for that, you will get the photographs you hope from a variable ND8-ND64 (3-6 stops). For filming, however, it performs a take care of, and I have been employing it on the Z 6II  to get exactly what I need filming in ever-changing lights disorders.

I can not overemphasize the smoothness of the glide through the ND’s array. For me, that tends to make it so pretty helpful when filming shifting pictures that require you to change the exposure all over. The smoothness indicates you never recognize the alter in the final shot, as opposed to some I have experimented with. I’m not a filmmaker by any implies, so I simply cannot say if there are better solutions out there. For me, nonetheless, this has been a wonderful addition to the gear and components I at this time use when developing videos.

The Make Excellent

The filter is built from industrial-grade aluminum and weighs a mere 28 g at the largest size of 82mm. The outer altering ring has knurling to allow for grip when modifying. The multicoated cinema-quality glass is resilient. I’ve experienced two mishaps and the glass is even now scratch-cost-free, so that’s a bonus. There is also no x-bar cross vignetting when altering the ND. The filter arrives in a compact pouch to preserve it clear and harmless when not in use.

What I Appreciated

For myself, the top quality of the photographs did not depreciate when utilizing the filter as it can with some much less expensive filters. There is no tightness or looseness when you rotate the filter, just a smooth move. The glass is resilient. I’ve dropped the filter twice now, and it landed facial area down on rocks the to start with time and been given no scratches whatsoever. The next time, it landed on the aluminum edge and gained only the slightest of indentations that do not have an effect on the use in any way at all.

What I Failed to Like

This seems like a little stage, as I use it for filmmaking and not pictures, but the knurling on the filter should be just marginally additional pronounced. I discovered that when filming in colder climates and with my arms staying cold, my fingers would now and once more slip off the knurled spot when adjusting on the shift. Which is no difficulty at all when just performing a static shoot, and it is established to what ever ND I wished, but I considered this was worthy of mentioning.


As formerly stated, if you are a filmmaker, I will not imagine you would go mistaken with this filter at all. Wonderful high-quality of glass produces images that you would be expecting from a variable ND filter. I have found it useful when filming in at any time-changing lighting conditions that’s the primary use for me. But it works as anticipated for stills taking pictures. It really is a very compact sizing that easily slips into your pocket if you just want a have about variable ND when out strolling with your camera. You can purchase yours right here.

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